Entrepreneur . Programmer

Security Enthusiast . Speaker

At my core I have the mindset of a hacker. XSS, CSRF, SQL Injections, cryptography, DDOS, Sniffing, Spoofing, cracking and snooping were an everyday thing.

Gaining control of systems is how I learned to program; JavaScript, SQL, and PHP were languages I had to pick-up, and this was my gateway into programming.

As I look around now, I tend to be the most security concious person in most groups.

At some point I left hacking behind and persued a career in programming.

I learned how to program over 10 years ago and I've been programming professionally for 9 years and 3 months.

I currently work for a startup in San Francisco, Mesosphere, Inc. I helped build the UI for the datacenter and am now leading a team of engineers who are building on this UI and other UI projects.

I enjoy public speaking, climbing, music, food, travel, jokes, volunteering, dogs, and sports.

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When I'm not at my day job or doing other shenanigans I'm typically working on a project, either personal or with a group.
I enjoy collaborating and building out new ideas. If you have an interesting idea and need help building it, let's talk.

89% Busy
11% Free

I currently have about 11% of free time during my week. So it doesn't look like I have much time to take on anything else.